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tv   [untitled]    March 2, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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interview on television debating the budget, a very strange budget i was trying to defend. and you were trying to hold onto the budget that mayor newsome put together. and despite, you know, our difference on the budget, i was really impressed with you where you came from shall and where you've been, and just your poise, the grace you have about you. and then you later were appointed supervisor. and it was really great to see coming in how you were able to move and grow in the position. and the past couple years i've seen you on the board have been quite amazing to see just how you have been able to carry out the most intense decisions of the city, in budget committee. and i felt that you had a very fair process about how you put the budgets together. and actually when you first
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came on as chair of the budget committee when you were first appointed there, it looked like it was a bit daunting at first. you had this furrow on your forehead. but that probably lasted about a week, and i've been watching, you've been really impressed. so, i know you come with great skill to and knowledge to your new position, and i wish you all the best. and, you know, hopefully you're going to pull in that corporate money from downtown and make sure we can have it available to us to spend, a way to support our neighborhoods, especially neighborhoods that are further from the heart of where a lot of decision making actually benefits in san francisco. and, katie, supervisor tang, supervisor to become tang, i'm really excited to work with you and i've always felt that you've been a great representative for supervisor chu's office. and now you'll be a great representative for district 4 as well. so, i wish you all the best. i'm actually very curious to
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see who your [speaker not understood] is going to be. [laughter] >> thank you. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. so, in november 2006, i actually won my first elected office. and i remember actually my predecessor came up to me and he said, you know, you were the surprise of that election, because i had come in first place and he thought i had come in third or not win at all. he was like, you and ed chiu. and i remember for several months i actually had the honor of being the youngest elected official in san francisco, i think for a couple months. and then soon thereafter we all know it happened, and carmen chu came in and was sworn into office. i actually remember that press conference that we spoke at. and i remember being like, ah, i can no longer hold that title. but it was exciting to be
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joined by another woman, young asian american woman. and then really had the pleasure of working with you over the last two years on budget committee. and i'm so glad actually that president chiu assigned both of us because i don't think i would have gotten to know you as well as i did if we hadn't sat through so many meetings. and, of course, our epic nights here at city hall and budget. and i have to say i really enjoyed sitting with both you and supervisor avalos, and something that i really respected about you and obviously was something that i saw in supervisor avalos in budget committee was that you stand on your principles. and whether i agree or disagree with someone, what is the most important to me is that they're smart, that they're intelligent and their reasons are based on a set of principleses and values. and that is something that i've always seen and come from. but despite all of that, i think there are a lot of issues we really agreed upon in terms of fiscal accountability and responsibility and i think, you know, on issues like that we sometimes aren't always the
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most understood by some of our constituents or some of our most active interest groups. it's really important to have those eyes on so many of the smaller item that come through budget committee because they really set precedence on terms of larger values and principles of how we build a city budget. and even when we have spared on issues, it's great to be pushed on what our arguments are and where they come from. * so, i've really always enjoyed that conversation. and i do think that you have been a tremendous chair and have been a model chair. it's clear when i come into board meetings that you introduce every single item, you know, all the presentations. and when we come to the full board, you're always able to articulate really complicated issues in a way that i think we can all understand. and i'm going to be really sad to lose you. i have really enjoyed your time here and i knew that this day would come for the past year,
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but i thought that you were an excellent representative and advocate. and also i appreciate you talked about the outer parts of the city. i do represent a very central part of san francisco that i think is so important that we continue to advocate for the outer areas and making sure that all of the infrastructure that we're closing is also being met. and i'm also very excited to work with supervisor appoint katie tang tomorrow. >> thank you. supervisor chu, before you say anything, colleagues, i'd like to pass this resolution, number 42 13, which we -- has been introduce and had co-sponsored by all of us except for supervisor chu. it has the purely commendatory and bound act finding. let me ask are there any members of the public comment that wish to speak in public comment? seeing none, colleagues, technically we need a second. could i have a second to that motion? seconded by everyone, supervisor farrell.
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and with that, can we take a roll call vote on this resolution. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. president chiu? chiu aye. supervisor chu? chu ayes. >> there are 11 ayes. the resolution reads let the board of supervisors on behalf of the officers employees and residents of san francisco recognize the supervisor chu's vast contributions to improving the city, her intellect, passion for numbers, her high quality work and tireless devotion to solving and being responsive to the constituents of san francisco. congratulations. (applause)
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>> well, thank you very much. i'm going to stand in honor of supervisor elsbernd who isn't here with us today, but i also just wanted to thank you all. i think before today's meeting we had talked to the mayor about when this might take place. and when we talked about this being my last meeting, i didn't know exactly how long it was going to be. [laughter] >> so, i want to thank you all for helping to extend my last meeting here at the board. thank you. [laughter] >> but i also was president -- expected to be outed today on my mcdonald's cravings. i guess that's one of my secrets, worst kept secrets. it has been my honor to serve district 4. * we have really spent the last five years rebuilding trust in the district and making sure that we're focusing on the day to day things that really
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matter in the neighborhood. and, so, some of the things that katie spoke about today have all been things that we have really been focusing on, making sure we're preparing our play grounds, making sure we're building our libraries, we're making sure that transportation works in a better way. all these things that matter to the day to day lives of our district residents is something that we're always careful to look to. i didn't want to speak too much about things i worked on the in the past, but i wanted to appreciate my time here on the board. i think that through the years, you know, when i first came on board, i don't think anyone would disagree i was more of a reluctant candidate than anything, but i've really grown, as supervisor wiener had mentioned to really love the job because of what it really means and the responsibility you have to improve the daily live of every san franciscan that we have here. so, it really is a tremendous honor, it's a tremendous privilege to be able to do that. it is very unique to be able to do that. so, so quickly has time passed by. it's been five years now, over five years now.
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and i find myself feeling very, very sad to leave. so, though i know there is a large opportunity at the assessor's office and i look forward to working on the issues there, it is really i think as many people said, very bitter sweet. yesterday i was wearing all black. i was in mourning, not only because i'll be leaving working with all of you and all our different issues that we've touched upon, but also because i'm going to be leaving my incredible staff. so, the mourning is very appropriate in that case. i think with my thanks, i do have to make a lot of thanks, i have to say thanks to district 4 for giving me the opportunity to serve. to have voted for me in two years, 2008 and '10, it's been an honor and privilege to serve the residents and to work with everybody there. to angela and your tremendous staff, thank you so much for all of your work in supporting us. we couldn't do what we do without you. and i think some of your clerks are the most amazing clerks that really help us stay on task. i really appreciate all of that
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work. there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. to, of course, harvey, carol adams who was with us before, john who is with us now, thank you. you guys have to sit there all of our meetings. and, so, give us advice even when we may not want it. so, thank you. and, of course, to each and every one of you here on the board, i can't tell you how much i've grown as a direct result of working with all of you and learning from you and just building friendships and relationships over the years. it's really been a tremendous experience and i know that we'll continue to do that in my new role. i do have to give a special shout out to sean. when i first came on the board as a supervisor, he really helped to carry me through and really helped to advise me and help me get situated. so, it wouldn't be right if i didn't mention him. too bad he's not here today, but i do have to thank him for all of his -- he may be watching, right -- for all of his support. to my family and to scott, i
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love you, my sister is actually right there. i love you very much. i couldn't do it without you and you guys are my rock. so, i want to thank you. and finally, of course, to my staff, candy, i know you're at home watching. i can't thank you enough for all the sacrifices you make as a single mother who works hard every day. your love for the district is something that i want to thank you for. day in and day out you work hard every single day. so, thank you. to katie, so, everybody i think heard that three times today. first your announcement, second after the announcement, and then third right before the board meeting. because it couldn't have happened to a better person. so, you guys will all know how much -- what a wonderful person she is. she's going to be a tremendous colleague on the board. and i think the district is in
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great hands. so, with that, i will stop my comments. i want to thank you all for all of your hard work and your continued leadership and move on to the assessor's office. i look forward to collecting all the money that is legally owed to us. [laughter] >> i look forward to doing that, officially, fairly, and i look forward to seeing how you all spend it. thank you very much again for the privilege to serve with you. thank you. (applause) >> madam clerk, could you read the in memoriams? >> yes. today's meeting will be
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adjourned in memory of the following individuals. on behalf of supervisor cohen, for the late reverend wenzel jackson and ms. yvonne harris jackson. on behalf of supervisor kim, for the late ms. cornelia godfrey, and on behalf of supervisor avalos, for the late lawrence collins. >> madam clerk, is there any more business in front of the body? >> that concludes our business for today, mr. president. >> superintendent assessor, godspeed. with that, ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. [adjourned] g to get ready for
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